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Winning 1st place in the Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa flower, the judges raved of its tangy, floral and gassy scent and citrusy floral taste. The minute you pop this jar all eyes and noses will be on you. The perfect balance of sativa leaning potency and flavor. (FT. Connected Cannabis) Gelonade is the hottest strain from Connected Cannabis currently burning down shelves and providing those who smoke it with that strong, stoney high we all crave. This fiery strain is a cross of Connected Gelonade Weed for sale much appraised Gelato #41 and Lemon Tree. 2018’s 1st place cannabis cup winner for best sativa Connected Gelonade Weed for sale.

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The cannabinoid percentages (including THC, CBD, and others) displayed on this website are merely approximations of average cannabinoid percentages typical for the products. March and Ash cannot guarantee any cannabinoid percentages, due to the organic nature of the products, as the percentages will vary batch to batch. In accordance with California regulations, each cannabis product is labeled with at least the THC and CBD content and verified by the certificate of analysis issued by a licensed testing laboratory pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 19344. March and Ash has no control over the cannabinoid content. We are the number one legit supplier of Buy Connected Gelonade Weed Online and Connected Gelonade Weed for sale online UK