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Buy Fruit Twist Eliquids Tropical Pucker Punch Online


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Buy Fruit Twist Eliquids Tropical Pucker Punch online


1G vape pen cartridges  each


10 Vape Pent Carts and Fruit Twist Eliquids

– $250.00 | 20 Vape Pent Carts and Fruit Twist Eliquids  – $450.00 | 30 Vape Pent Carts – $800.00

Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted, Euphoric

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Buy Fruit Twist Eliquids Tropical Pucker Punch Online – Buy Vape Pen

Buy Fruit Twist Eliquids Tropical Pucker Punch Online – Buy Vape Pen. Tropical Pucker Punch Ejuice by Fruit Twist eLiquids is a juicy combination of tropical fruits which combine to make one of the best fruit punch vape liquids know to man. Using a top-secret concoction of strawberries, pineapple, orange and who knows what other magical fruits, this fruit punch flavor creates a mouthwatering vape juice perfect for any time of day.

Brand: Fruit Twist | Bottle Size: 120ml | Ratio: 70/30 | Flavor Type: Fruit

Fruit Twist Eliquids Tropical Pucker Punch Description

Pucker up for an all-out fruit fight, and it’s war on your vape taste buds! These flavors jockey for position in your vape tank and will stop at nothing to reign supreme in every one of your puffy clouds! In one corner, we have the infamous summer strawberries, their sweet and flavorful berry juice waiting to stain the walls with their bloody red sweetness. Freshly picked from the wild berry brambles in the forest, these swinging berries carry every bit of their wild flavor in each puff you take. In another corner, we have tangy pineapple, waiting to heave their sharp and thick spears into your vape taste buds with a rush of fearless animosity.

These tart slices are ready and waiting to punch your vape taste buds onto the island the pineapple came from, and may very well succeed! And finally, we have feisty orange, flinging slices of zesty citrus throughout the room, kicking your clouds all the way to sunny Florida! A handful of blueberries join in the fun by shouting “cannonball!” as they fire from a pea-shooter and right into your vape tank! Enjoy a fresh and fruity blend of a tropical fruit fight, where sweet strawberries, tangy pineapples, ripe oranges, and plump blueberries come together in this delightful fruit fight!

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10 Vape Pent Carts 1G – $250.00, 20 Vape Pent Carts 1G – $450.00, 30 Vape Pent Carts 1G – $800.00


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