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Buy Fade Co White Buffalo Online


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Fade Co White Buffalo

The White Buffalo is a rare and important spiritual symbol in the cultures of the Great Plains region. Inspired by such rarity, breeders decided to call an incredible marijuana weed with a similar rarity – the White Buffalo strain. White Buffalo marijuana is a hybrid with powerful effects. Even though it has some Indica features, this is Sativa leaning strain, which makes for stimulating and energetic cerebral effects in all its users.

Total active cannabinoids: 29.96%
THC: 24.85%
CBD: 0.17%
$75 – 8th only
Sativa dominant Hybrid


Buy Fade Co weed Online – Fade Co weed for sale Online – Fade Co weed

Fade Co White Buffalo

WB is a strain that belongs to the Faded Company family. Fade Co. is prominently making way, as far as brands are concerned. I have recognized their signature glass jars with a very slick minimalistic design in pretty much every fine shop in Los Angeles. The line features many different strains, ranging from sativa, hybrids, and fine OG Indica.

This particular line of flower stands out from the rest many ways. One of them is consistency and the informative packaging approach. Every jar of Fed Co. flower has some of the highest cannabinoids percentage; along with the THC percentage of the flower. Every jar I’ve ever opened from Faded Co. has always been super fresh. I’ve just recently purchased one that was packaged and harvested just within a month of me buying it. That is pretty cool!! I like being informed and aware of what I am spending my money on and that goes for flower, as well. Quality flower within a consistent brand I can trust — it’s definitely something I can get used to. This is what I have been getting with Faded.

THE FLAVOR The Buy Fade Co weed Online – Fade Co weed for sale Online – Fade Co weed, flavor on the Cherry Meringue comes through with a heavy hit of Cherries as you exhale this sweet flower.

THE AROMA The aroma of the Cherry Meringue comes out swinging with a burst of Cherries followed by an earthy aroma leaving a smile on your face

THE EXPERIENCE When medicating on Cherry Meringue you will Immediately you feel your head clear and a sensation of focus fill your head and eyes. You feel positivity fill your mind as the anxiety clears making you feel energetic, alert, and happy.

FINAL WORDS Cherry Meringue is the perfect strain if your mind needs the relaxing versus your body. The buzz is not euphoric or stony, but a unique buzz, which keeps your mind and your head clear of negativity and seems perfect for those with Anxiety. .

Fade Co White Buffalo online From California

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Total active cannabinoids: 29.96%
THC: 24.85%
CBD: 0.17%
$75 – 8th only
Sativa dominant Hybrid


Purple layers hiding under the wings of green leaves 100%


Smells: sweet, peppery, and definitely earthy 90%


Hint of slight sweetness 100%


Slowly transported into the creative state 100%

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30grams – $230.00, 60grams – $350.00, 150grams – $500.00, 300grams – $800.00


White Buffalo, Raer Funk, Peanut Butter Breath, Pineapple Wreck, ORANGE SUNSET, Gelonade, Biscotti, Melonade, Acai Berry Gelato, Wedding Crasher, Garlic Cookies, Banana Punch, Milky Way, Cherry Jane, Sour Apple Haze, Cherry Lemonade


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