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Buy Jungle boys Sour Apple Killer Online


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Buy Jungle boys Sour Apple Killer

Medicinal Effect: Slight head & body. Suited for light pain relief and relaxation.

The general price of Jungle boys

-1 pack of 7g=$65

-2 packs of 7g=$130

-4 packs of 7g= $ 260

-5 packs of 7g =$300

-6 packs of 7g=$345

-10 packs of 7g = $555


Buy Sour Apple Killer JungleBoys Online

Strain: Jungle boys Sour Apple Killer Jungle boys Sour Apple KillerJungle boys Sour Apple Killer

Lineage: Natural Born Killer (NBK) x Sunset Sherbert x Sour Apple

Indica or Sativa: 50/50 Hybrid

Original Breeder: Jungle Boys

Grower: Hezekiah Inc.

Dispensary: TLC Collective

Jungle boys Sour Apple Killer

Jungle boys Sour Apple Killer

Stats: 21.97% THC – .05% CBD
26.26% Total Cannabinoid

Aroma: Flinstones Vitamins, Green Grape, Slight Cheese.
Taste: Tart Pomegranate, Sour & Unsweetened Green Jolly Rancher, Coconut Car Freshener, Sweet Earth.
Medicinal Effect: Slight head & body. Suited for light pain relief and relaxation.

Structure: Under natural lighting dark purple hues peek out from the light green leaves and orange pistils. Not fluffy, but not dense. A little dry for my taste.

Overall: Intrigued by the family tree and promise of flavors, And eventually, I’d like to try most of their drops so this is one I hadn’t had before. The notes are subtle, complex, and somewhat muted, I suppose. I guess I could compare this experience to drinking a sour beer. I definitely have to be in the mood, I’m not expecting to get drunk, and I’m looking for something that is going to pucker my lips just a bit. I do get the slight mouth-watering effect, but to be honest, this one is gonna take 3 or 4 bowls for you to really feel it. Not a huge fan, but there’s a time and a place for it.

The Fire Scale: 6/10 flame-bruisers

Jungle boys Sour Apple Killer

Jungle boys Sour Apple Killer are medical marijuana growers based out of Los Angeles, California. They focus on exotic and rare strains found nowhere else in the city. the Jungle Boys have been growing clean, high-quality flowers since the early 2000s with recent expansion into extracts and rosin. Our mission is simple: to explore and refine cannabis through artisanal practices that respect and honor the plant. Through this simple method, we are able to provide our patients with the medicine they deserve and can enjoy.

One of the Jungle Boys, just known as Ivan, says that they work to create strains that are unique and top of the line in quality, saying to LA Weekly that “Everybody has Blue Dream. We’re going for the connoisseur market. Our prices are a little bit higher, but we’ve proven that growing quality products is viable.” He also said that their vault has more than 550 different strains, with most being cultivated by Jungle Boys over the last several years.

Do you ship Medical Marijuana outside of the USA?

Yes, We shipped in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, and France in top discreet packaging. Our tests are delivered in a plain envelope with no reference to Lets Get Checked. It is completely discreet. Here is an image of the outer packaging that your test will arrive in, when it is being sent with Standard Shipping

Here is an image of the outer packaging when it is sent with Express Shipping

Additional information


4 packs of 7g – $300.00, 4 packs of 7g – $375.00, 10 packs of 7g – $700.00, 20 packs of 7g – $1000


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